The best way to advise your customers online

In an online meeting you present documents, share cloud applications and use scripting to increase your impact.

how it works

With idiligo, you can present documents, share websites and use advanced scripting in an online meeting.
Professionally in the corporate identity of your company.
No downloads necessary. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam.

Cases & Clients

idiligo is recommended for Accountants and Financial institutions. Advisors assess the customer’s financial situation, offer advice online and assist in filling out insurance policies and contracts. A Recruitment Company fully uses the benefits of online recruiting and meets its candidates online before meeting them in person. This provides a better and quicker understanding of the candidate. Distributor generates leads for its partners. In 15 minutes product updates and sales possibilities can be discussed with customers. Local Governments use idiligo for the unemployed who are on their way back into the labour market. With idiligo they can stay in touch with social services, share job offers and present themselves to future employers.


Present Documents

Upload your documents in a session and present them. You show & share your presentations, your offers, your résumés or your images.

Compare this with a document attached to an email, which is often not read. Now you are sure your participant has seen your information.

It’s easy and has impact!

Share websites

Select a web application or website you want to share. You browse and your participant will join you on the same webpage.

Combine this with the webcam and you are almost behind the same PC. You can complete any webform and demo any web application.

Both on the same page!

Advanced Scripting

With scripting you guide a session in a predefined order. Scipting is ideal for structured sessions in large volumes.

With scripting you create your own session flow containing choices, forms, mail confirmations, sharing documents and websites.


pricing & sign up

monthly price
webcam, voice, chat
own design
present and share
presentations, documents, images
websites and applications
public scripts (market place)
own scripts +more
receive inbound sessions +more
digital signature
additional € 1 per signature
user management
(technical) support
SLA and reporting


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our Partners

only available through
our Partners


€15,- per user

test 30 days without obligations


€49,- per user

test 30 days without obligations