Get the results you need and save time with idiligo scripts

At the end of your meeting you want clear and satisfying results. Our scripts take you to an online, scripted meeting in a safe and secure environment, where at the end, the meeting is captured and confirmed, even signed where needed. Step by step the script takes you through your meeting, wherever you are.

Go to our market place where you will find our standard scripts or create your own tailored one with or without our help. 

Market place scripts

The standard scripts are developed in time with our partners who have been using idiligo to their full satisfaction. They can be used instantly and are mostly available for free. We have standard scripts available for the following target markets: HR Professionals, Financial Advisors, Sales and Business Manager.

Own Scripts

Besides the standard scripts you can create your own tailor made scripts. You can do this yourself, very easily, or you can ask us to help you. And with just a few clicks you start the script of your choice and the online meeting can take place. All you need is an internet connection. It’s that easy. Try it now!


Have direct contact with your customer. They can start a direct and personal conversation from your website.