Online advice with Idiligo

With the online solutions of idiligo you are able to have financial advice meetings with your customers. From anywhere. Very easy and online.

Customers use idiligo to convert their current advice meetings in standardized online business scripts. So you can save time and be more productive.

Profit now from the new way of working with idiligo-scripts.

How does it work?

You start an idiligo-session and automatically the right script is loaded. The moment the customer joins the idiligo session, you go step-by-step through the advice-process. You share information, gather data and discuss together the documents. All in one session.

At the end of the online session next steps are discussed and confirmed. All compliant. And all can be stored in your CRM. Fully automatically.

You can easily focus on the next session. How does this sound to you?
Select the scripts you would like to use for free.



idiligo is easy to use and very effective.