Online sales meetings

Need to acquire new customers? Have a sales call with existing customers or share news with your sales partners? idiligo will help you do it faster and easier.

With the online-sales solutions of idiligo you are able to have meetings with your customers in a personal and structured way. From anywhere. Very easy and online.

Convert your perfect sales call into an idiligo script or make use of our standard market place scripts.

How does it work?

You start an idiligo session, and the right script is automatically loaded. The moment your customer joins the session you can present / demonstrate your solution and gather the customer needs all in one structured process.

As soon as the advising is finished, you can confirm and mail the results in a tailor-made offer or the customer signs the contract right away and the deal is closed. The customer file can be saved automatically in your CRM.

To make it convenient for you idiligo has developed a number of scripts for you. Select the market place scripts you want to use for free:



idiligo is easy to use and very effective.