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Idiligo structures the online meetings with your customers – and we guarantee your success!

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Increased conversion

“Our closure rate increased by 32% within just a few weeks after we started using Idiligo.”


Save valuable time

KiKxxl GmbH: “With Idiligo we achieve an 80% faster completion of contract negotiations.”



Cut costs

“We are saving 3 hours on each customer lead simply by using Idiligo.”

All the features you need, in one place

Put them in a structured order, and then your script is ready

Present documents

Present documents in different file formats to your participant and discuss them together. This can be anything, from an insurance contract to a PowerPoint.


Share screen

Use the screen share function to increase trust and transparency and accelerate business processes. Simply show anything on your screen, such as a live tariff calculator, while your participant is watching.


Sign documents

Have contracts or order forms signed during your online meeting and increase your conversion. Your participant can sign documents within seconds. You don't have to wait for your participant to send the documents back to you by email, fax or mail. This way you can conclude the contract instantly.


Even more useful features

Autogenerate and send emails

Generate and send emails including meeting summaries, contracts or meeting invitations.

Make choices

The choice function provides flexibility during your online meeting.

Create reports

Automatically create reports of each meeting and download them as a PDF.

Html & Embed iframes

Share html or embed external content such as YouTube videos, ads or much more into your online meeting.

Autogenerate documents

Automatically generate PDFs out of filled in forms.

Fill in forms

Define forms that you wish to complete together with your participant.

Present videos and photos

Present videos or photos during your online meeting.

Upload documents

You and your participant can upload documents during the online meeting.

Download documents

You and your participant can download documents during the online meeting.

Scripts lead you through your online meeting. Create your own scripts or use public scripts.

  • Flexible Design your own online meeting process, and tailor it to your business needs and products
  • Powerful Sign documents, generate PDFs and emails, share your screen and accelerate your sales process
  • Measurable A predefined script gives guidance and control with no room for mistakes
Interview the candidate and take notes. Go through the job description and the candidate's CV. At the end, you can even plan a follow up meeting.
Present documents or photos during your online meeting and take notes for each agenda point. At the end, send an auto-created meeting summary as a PDF to all participants.
Save time and have your documents & contracts signed online! Simply upload a document, present it, have it signed online and you're done.

Increase your success using structured online meetings

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