5 reasons to structure sales processes

16 October 2019

Studies show positive sales developments through structured sales processes & meetings

According to a study by HBR (Harvard Business Review), companies with standardized sales processes recorded sales increases of up to 28% compared to companies without such predefined processes. In addition, another HBR study stated that 50% of high performing sales organizations have a highly automated and monitored sales process.

Don’t leave the sales success to chance

A sales process usually consists of several phases – from acquisition to contract signing. In most of these phases, the customer is directly involved. Particularly in customer communication and while trying to find out the needs and requirements of the customer, a professional preparation and presentation of your own arguments and the products are crucial. This usually succeeds either through many years of experience or through talent. But even sales reps without much experience or talent should be able to provide successful and professional customer advice. This is achieved by structuring the sales and communication processes as well as predefining and storing the content presented. Like this, almost EVERY sales rep can sell like a professional.

5 reasons to structure sales meetings & predefine the content:

  1.  A best practice sales process is identified and used. This eliminates unnecessary information or steps, and the process is optimized to the point
  2.  Thanks to predefined processes & communication content, the training period of new sales reps is shortened, and juniors sell and advise already after a short time like professionals
  3.  Predefined processes and content of customer communication enable repeatable & consistent customer meetings, as well as a positive customer experience
  4.  This makes sales results predictable & forecasts easier
  5.  Which in turn facilitates the achievement of increased sales goals

Compliance with the process vs. flexibility

It is essential to have a good balance between being able to respond flexibly to the needs of the customer and, on the other hand following the optimum process. For that reason, Idiligo offers the possibility to organize the process in such a way that the sales reps go through the process in a compliant manner and are still able to respond flexibly to customer requests. This gives sales room for a personal conversation and ensures that the company retains control over the sales process and the results at the same time.

If this sounds interesting to you, just get in touch with our main office or one of our local Idiligo partners.

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