Idiligo provides structured work from home

Perfectly organized collaboration with customers and colleagues

Digitalization – Flexibility – Home Office: How can work be organized and structured as efficiently as possible in order to meet the needs of companies as well as the needs of employees? Just recently, the SPD, a German party, has made a push that polarizes: We are talking about the introduction of a “Right to Home Office” (many media such as the FAZ reported about it).Not only does the political party occupy this highly topical issue. Employers, too, have been advocating a greater shift of work to Home Office models for some time (see manager magazin). New working time models are thus being discussed in many places: across all sectors, nationwide, among employers and associations as well as in the chambers and unions.

At Idiligo, we are curious how the debate will continue and whether there will actually be a bill to promote the Home Office. But fact is however, that the trend in many professions is to leave it up to the employees where they spend part of their working time. Creative designers or copywriters in advertising agencies are taking advantage of the Home Office model today, as do sales professionals, insurance agents, accountants and translators, etc. – and they are getting more and more every day.

If so, then: Flexibility is important. But it is equally important to us, to make the work from home as structured and quality-oriented as possible. And here, the Idiligo software helps!

Structured & high-quality customer communication from anywhere

Whether it’s about a short consultation with colleagues or an online meeting with customers about new offers: Whoever uses Idiligo in their Home Office, can save many journeys, time and costs – for themselves and the employer. The pre-built Idiligo scripts help to clearly structure and document the face-to-face communication via PC, tablet or smartphone.

The steps and structure of the online meeting are predefined. Possible steps of the online meeting can be the presentation of a product or service, sharing the employee’s screen, up- and downloading documents or filling in forms. And when a new deal comes to an end, the electronic signature comes into play. It can easily be integrated directly into the online meeting process, if required. Idiligo leads the employee and customer automatically through the whole online meeting. This ensures, that the employee, even when working from home, provides high-quality customer advice, without having to worry about forgetting anything or explaining the product or service the wrong way.

Simple reporting feature for the employer

An additional advantage: All steps and results of the online meeting are automatically being documented by Idiligo and can be downloaded as a report. Like this, the employer can easily keep control over the work processes of his employees working from home.

A huge benefit for employers and users: Idiligo is browser-based. This means that all the employee needs at home, is Internet access. An app does not have to be downloaded – either on its part, or by its participant.
We do not know whether Home Office models are right for every business – but whenever they’re a real alternative, the Idiligo platform provides the ideal support.


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How does the consultant achieve a legally binding contract signing online?

Employees who advise their customers online know the problem only too well: The online meeting is prepared perfectly, and a customized offer is made to the customer. However, the advice often fails on the signature of the customer and thus the lack of direct contract conclusion.

In other words, often the online meeting ends up nowhere. The immediate conclusion does not take place. This is followed by the dispatch of further information and contract documents, as well as repeated follow-up calls and back-end calls. This costs valuable time and often leads to the bounce of an originally positively tuned customer lead. Idiligo puts an end to this process gap in cooperation with the legally compliant, electronic signature of iS2.

In a nutshell: perfect division of labor makes the success

Why does the combination of Idiligo’s structured online meetings and the electronic signature of iS2 work so well?
Both components offer identical performance features:

  • Platform-independent service: there is no need to download any software.
  • Pre-engineered performance features that can be individually tailored to customer requirements.
  • Easy handling combined with clear user guidance.
  • Legal security and all-in-one philosophy.


Idiligo and inSign complement each other perfectly

Based on pre-defined meeting scripts, Idiligo guides the consultant and client through the online meetings. Either the consultant uses a Public Script, prebuilt by Idiligo. Or he creates his individual meeting script, according to his own company requirements. A script is like the cooking instructions of a recipe: It guides the consultant step-by-step through the different phases of the online meeting. These steps are mostly determined in advance. This allows the consultant to fully concentrate on the customer contact.
inSign, the electronic signature of iS2 is the perfect closing element. The discussed documents and contracts can be signed immediately, during the online meeting.

Frank J. Korthouwer, CEO of Idiligo, comments: “InSign is a perfect match for Idiligo as it makes structured online meetings even more efficient. Due to the digital signature, legally binding contract signatures are possible during the online meeting. This saves time and increases closure rates enormously. “

The customers say: it works!

Idiligo and inSign stand for modern, structured online consulting and successful online sales. This is by no means a simple claim – the customers confirm that. Because last but not least, success is measured by quotas and conversion rates.

KiKxxl, a communications service provider and key customer said: ” By introducing Idiligo in our B2B outbound and inbound sales teams, we have gained significant benefits for our business. The complex contracts can be walked through point by point with the customer as part of the online meeting. […] With the digital signature, the completed documents are immediately available to the seller and the customer.”

KiKxxl announces a considerable list of advantages:

  • 80% faster completion of contract negotiations
  • Legally secure, digital signature
  • Digital customer experience
  • The completed documents are immediately available to both parties and can be processed further
  • Easy navigation through online meetings
  • Perfect visualization of complex contract documents
  • Due to the given structure of online meetings, no side agreements can be made


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Over the past few years, many sales organizations have undergone some significant changes.

There has been quite a shift from field sales models to inside sales models. There are many reasons for this change – one is definitely the changing need of today’s customers.

Today’s customers are feeling much more comfortable communicating and collaborating remotely, using the latest technology, such as webinar or videoconferencing tools. They shop online, use social media to communicate and sometimes even prefer not having to talk to someone face-to-face.

So why not benefit from this change of mind?!

This saves you valuable time and costs. Plus, it can easily increase your conversion, using simple online meeting tools such as Idiligo.

Your inside sales teams can do much more than back office work. They can be turned into even more successful sales reps than the field sales teams. Whereas field sales are often used to manage large accounts with complex buying processes and needs, inside sales can cover the rest – which can also add up to quite a big deal.

The pro’s for equipping inside sales with a simple to use online meeting tool and using them for acquisition and customer advice purposes are as simple as genius:

  • save valuable time since the sales reps can work through each contact without having to drive somewhere or even leave their desk
  • reduced cost-per-contact and an increased number of contacts per day
  • non-strategic accounts in remote areas can be reached easily and cheaply
  • increased conversion because contracts can be signed immediately during the online meeting and the deal is closed within minutes
  • flexibility to scale up the size of inside sales teams in a short period of time, since the salespeople don’t have to be relocated
  • inside sales can support field sales with regards to lead generation, repeat purchases or upgrade purchases
  • inside sales can cover leads with a lower buy risk and less complex products

The change already began several years ago

A few years ago, a research of the Harvard Business Review showed, that 46% of the interviewed vice presidents reported a shift from a field sales model to an inside sales model. Additionally, an expert interviewed by the Harvard Business Review stated, that inside sales can reduce the cost-of-sales by 40-90% relative to field sales, while revenues may be maintained or even grow.

So, when positioned correctly, inside sales teams can drive incredible sales force efficiency improvements with little to no extra costs or loss of effectiveness.


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How do you acquire your new customers?

By your account managers or rather your inside sales?

Global trend: less account managers, more inside sales.


We’ve tested it with a traditional company, that was using account managers to meet their customers, supported by an inside sales team.

They decided to give the inside sales team the freedom to sell directly to all customers. The inside sales team was asked to talk to their customers online, using Idiligo as an online meeting software.

So they got access to a predefined Idiligo script which already contained a perfect product presentation, all relevant questions to ask the customer and the perfect closure process. They just had to invite their (potential) customer to an Idiligo online meeting, follow the predefined online meeting step by step and were easily able to sell to their customers the right and perfect way.

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Most of your resellers are not performing as well as they could

How many of your sales and resellers are truly successful in selling your products? Probably only about 20%.

But the good news is, that he 80% non-performers are your biggest potential. What would happen to your business, if you could turn them into well-performers?

To understand why only a limited amount of your resellers are successful, we consider 3 reasons:


1. It takes experience to learn how to sell your product. The sales agents need to spend a considerable amount of time to get to know your products and learn how to sell them best. This is what we call the learning curve.

2. Resellers offer multiple products from multiple vendors. Why should they focus on yours? Resellers often focus on those products that are the easiest and fastest to sell.

3. Are your resellers proactive enough to “push” your campaign or are they just responding to the requests of their customers. How do you get your resellers to act proactive?

Simply help them increase their sales!

As a vendor it is your highest priority to shorten the learning curve of your resellers to make the sale of your products easy and fun for them. With predefined Idiligo sales scripts you give your resellers a tool to hand, which ensures a consistent and successful sales process.

Idiligo structures your reseller’s online sales meetings and automatically leads them through the different steps of the sales process. From presenting the product, sharing screen to browse through the online shop or having the product order signed online – Idiligo offers a maximum of flexibility and structure at the same time.

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