Will inside sales reps replace account managers in the future?

30 November 2018

How do you acquire your new customers?

By your account managers or rather your inside sales?

Global trend: less account managers, more inside sales.

We’ve tested it with a traditional company, that was using account managers to meet their customers, supported by an inside sales team.

They decided to give the inside sales team the freedom to sell directly to all customers. The inside sales team was asked to talk to their customers online, using Idiligo as an online meeting software.

So they got access to a predefined Idiligo script which already contained a perfect product presentation, all relevant questions to ask the customer and the perfect closure process. They just had to invite their (potential) customer to an Idiligo online meeting, follow the predefined online meeting step by step and were easily able to sell to their customers the right and perfect way.

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