Are your sales reps qualified enough?

20 May 2019

Buyers increasingly complain about unqualified sales reps

In customer contact, as well as the sale of products and services, qualified sales reps are essential. They are there to determine the needs of the customer and to inform the customer in detail about the offered product. However, customers, especially in the B2B area, seem increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of advice provided by sales reps. According to the Harvard Business Manager almost half of the customers (45 percent) are dissatisfied with the performance of sales reps in the B2B business. A crucial reason might be the high information readiness of the customers themselves, who already inform themselves about the product in advance. So sometimes the sales rep doesn’t really offer any new information. But also factors from the sales rep’s perspective contribute to this problem.

Sales reps don’t have the time to reasonably prepare and follow up on the customer contact

In times of tough commission models and competition among colleagues, every minute spent on preparation and follow up often seems to be lost time, which could actually be better used for customer acquisition. Only the number of orders and customers that are brought in seems to matter. But often not, how this is achieved. This leaves little time to properly prepare, compile product presentations, or follow up on the customer contact. If, following a customer appointment, the customer’s details have to be entered into a separate CRM system to have any chance of getting a commission, this will only throw back most sales reps in terms of time.

Pre-planned and structured sales pitches provide a remedy

To solve the lack of time for proper preparation and follow-up, there are helpful tools that can easily solve this problem. With online meeting software like Idiligo, customer meetings can be prepared and structured in advance. No matter if first contact, a detailed sales talk or follow-up meeting. The structure of the online meeting, including the product presentations, forms and contracts, only needs to be prepared once. After the process and documents have been properly prepared once, the sales rep will have almost no work left with his upcoming customer meetings.

Idiligo automatically leads even untrained sales reps through the perfect sales pitch

Idiligo guides the sales rep automatically through the steps of the customer advisory process. Forms are filled in, the customer’s needs are determined, and the matching products or services are presented automatically, based on the entered details. Using the online signature, even a digital and legally secure contract signing is easily possible. Follow up emails, which contain information or contractual documents, can be automatically sent to the customer. To save even more time, the entire process is automatically being documented by Idiligo and entered data, as well as documents can be synchronized in real time with the in-house CRM system. This prevents input errors and saves a tremendous amount of time.


Idiligo’s customers include Rabobank, Citrix and KiKxxl. They already successfully use Idiligo for their consultant’s customer contact. They report, among other things, an 80% faster completion of contract negotiations, as well as two hours of time savings per customer contact.

Just get in touch with us to learn more about how Idiligo can turn any of your employees into a qualified sales rep and how it optimizes your employee’s valuable time. Or simply sign up for an Idiligo FREE account.

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