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Get a lifetime commission for each Idiligo sale
Sell Idiligo licenses to your clients and receive a lifetime commission on each license – guaranteed.


Get 100% pay for consultancy
Help your clients define their perfect online meetings, even write scripts if you wish, and receive a boost to your pay check.


Get leads for your business through Idiligo
As an official Idiligo partner, you will appear on the Idiligo website and receive leads if they match up with your business.

What you’ll receive

  • Personal Idiligo on-board training
  • Manage your customers online through the Idiligo platform
  • Access to Idiligo training resources
  • Share knowledge with the worldwide partner network
  • Optional: get your own Idiligo landingpage – designed to match your target group
“If you think you need some help to improve your closing rates, dig deep into this tool and you may find that it can be a game-changer to rock your sales.”
Julian Lee TechnoPlanet

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