Idiligo is used by professionals who requires better and faster results.

Idiligo is used in consultation sessions with customers, project meetings, performance reviews, interviews or follow-up meeting with job applicants, and web meetings with national and international business partners and suppliers.

Benefit with Idiligo!

HR professional

Use Idiligo to contact business partners all over the world, perform job interviews, or introduce candidates to the hiring manager: Idiligo makes those HR tasks easier and faster.

Financial advisor

Walk your new customers through the contract, make adjustments as they watch, and have them sign it right away. Economise on time with Idiligo by saving days or weeks while doing business.

You can customise the contract for each customer with just one click.


Whether you plan to acquire new customers, have a sales call with existing customers, or share news with colleagues: All of it will be faster and easier with Idiligo.

Business manager

You don’t need to be in the office for your weekly performance meetings. In fact, you don’t even need to be in the same country. With Idiligo, you can hold all your target review meetings, keep in contact with the management, and keep up to date whenever you want, and wherever you are!