Control your perfect way to sell

Structure online sessions and be successful in your business. Idiligo's online solution lets you achieve your goals. Control the 1:1 sessions of your (partner) sales with your customers and get valuable reporting in return.

Structured online sessions

Idiligo scripts take you to an online session in a safe and secure environment, where customers are invited, presentations are given, information is gathered and next steps are confirmed, even contracts are signed at the end. The script guides you through and helps you to present the perfect sales pitch.

How does it work

- Invite the customer
- Follow the structure of your ideal sales strategy
- Pitch your solution and share necessary information
- Gather customer details
- Close deals
- Confirm next steps

Network Scripts

Idiligo offers an online environment for vendors to convert their product offerings and campaigns into an appealing script to be used by their resellers. We call this Network Scripts. A Network Script can be sent to and used by an unlimited amount of resellers. Idiligo offers a powerful API for developers to integrate Idiligo into any service. Easy to use, easy to distribute.

Close Deals Faster Online

Turn your ideal sales pitch into an Idiligo script and increase your conversion rates. With 1:1 online structured sessions, you will reach more customers, reduce time to sales, and close more deals. Less than 20% of your salespeople / resellers generate more than 80% of your sales. Using Idiligo increases the effectiveness of your current non-performers.


The best way to understand how Idiligo will benefit you is to see it in action. We’d love to show you. Book a 10 minute online demo now to see for yourself. It takes time for resellers to be productive. Often more than 1 year. Ask our consultants how they reduced this for top Vendors.