Close Deals Faster Online

Turn your ideal sales pitch into an Idiligo script and increase your conversion rates. With 1:1 online structured sessions, you will reach more customers, reduce time to sales, and close more deals.

Less than 20% of your salespeople / resellers generate more than 80% of your sales. Using Idiligo increases the effectiveness of your current non-performers. 

Experience how top Vendors use Idiligo

The best way to understand how Idiligo will benefit you is to see it in action. We’d love to show you. Book a 10 minute online demo now to see for yourself.

It takes time for resellers to be productive. Often more than 1 year. Ask our consultants how they reduced this for top Vendors.

How does it work?

Invite the customer 
Follow the structure of your ideal sales strategy
   • Pitch your solution and share necessary information
   • Gather customer details
• Close the deal
• Confirm next steps


We have a special solution for Vendors to support their Resellers Channels. Contact us to learn more.