Why Idiligo is much better than Skype or Zoom

23 July 2019

Idiligo – THE tool for successful customer communication online

The world is full of digital communication tools that are supposed to make communicating at a distance easy and simple. But what is the best solution for successful and professional customer communication? Why is Idiligo so much better for businesses than Skype or Zoom? Idiligo easily increases your conversion by 35-50%. Our customers report an 80% faster completion of contract negotiations as well as two hours time savings per customer when meeting them online. Regardless of whether it is about customer acquisition, product sales or candidate interviews: When communicating with a customer digitally, professionalism must be maintained, and the desired goal needs to be achieved.

Skype & Zoom: great for flexible team meetings

Two well-known tools are Skype and Zoom. These tools work well to engage teams or groups. Participants communicate via webcam and microphone. Additionally, the computer screen or a power point can be shared with each other. Usually, conversations are flexible and spontaneous. There is no structure, no meeting guidelines or defined goals. What is often an advantage for teams can be a disadvantage for other business cases. During 1:1 meetings, such as customer acquisition, consultation services or job interviews, there are usually clear requirements. Here, structure and professionalism are needed.

Idiligo: numerous meeting features combined with structure

Idiligo is made for structured and successful 1:1 meetings with customers, clients or business partners. Participants communicate via webcam and microphone. The numerous meeting features include: fill in forms and create, upload, download & legally sign documents. Additionally, the user can share his screen, present documents, videos or photos as well as create and send emails. But the real strength and reason to use Idiligo for professional customer contact lays somewhere else: Idiligo optimizes sales processes and makes customer communication successful. Whether contract conclusion, customer onboarding or financial advice – Idiligo structures customer meetings and optimizes them to the point. Each step of the online meeting is predefined. Product presentations, forms or contracts are pre-stored in the Idiligo meetings process. Like this, the consultant can fully concentrate on the customer contact. Idiligo automatically guides the consultant through the online meeting step by step. It automatically shows the right presentation, asks the right questions or suggests the right product, depending on the data entered in advance.

Results-oriented meetings: increased conversion, faster contract closure & time savings

Idiligo ensures that each consultant runs through the perfect sales or consultation process and provides high-quality customer advice. The whole meeting aims to reach the predefined goal. Through the results-oriented online meetings with Idiligo, the consultant achieves his goal faster and better. The perfect meeting must be defined only once. Afterwards it can be used again and again. So already after a short training period, the consultant can start closing deals, because Idiligo automatically tells him what to do. The conversion can easily be increased by 35-50%. Idiligo customers report an 80% faster completion of contract negotiations and time savings of two hours per customer.

So Idiligo is Skype, Zoom – and a lot more! It is the tool that makes your customer contact successful and results-oriented. Want to find out, how Idiligo streamlines your business and makes your digital customer communication successful? Sign up without obligation for a FREE Idiligo account or contact us. We’re happy to help!

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