Idiligo launches new control panel design

17 July 2019

A fresh look for the Idiligo App

After having given the website a new and fresh look last year, it was now time for an update of the Idiligo App. The app describes everything the user sees after having logged in to his Idiligo account. The redesign is being done in two steps, and step one has successfully been accomplished: The control panel now appears in the new Idiligo design. Apart from the fresher look, it is supposed to enable an intuitive application as well as an easy creation of own scripts. Using the control panel, the user manages his account, his scripts and starts online meetings with his customers.

So, in case you haven’t done so already, log in to your Idiligo account today and check out the new design! Don’t have an Idiligo account yet? Sign up for a forever FREE Idiligo account and find out, how Idiligo can streamline your business, too.


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