Idiligo turns all agents into professionals and increases your conversion rate

Idiligo leads your agents through a predefined customer care or sales script. This ensures a consistent and professional process since even untrained agents just have to follow the script to deliver outstanding results.

Your agent uses a predefined script which walks him and the customer through the sales process step by step.

Predefine and control how the online meeting is being carried out by your agents

Since the call center agent simply follows an Idiligo script, which has been predefined by you, nothing can go wrong. Even untrained agents are able to deliver qualified advice, which is highly important, especially regarding the issue of high employee fluctuation. Together with the customer, the agent goes through the script step by step: he shows, says and does whatever Idiligo tells him to do. This facilitates consistent, high quality customer care.


Present documents or product videos, gather data, and complete order forms, all in one meeting

Present your product or service by showing presentations, videos or sharing your screen. Complete order forms or surveys during the online meeting to gather information. Thanks to our powerful API, you can even integrate Idiligo into your own system to exchange and synchronize customer and order data. Whatever your needs are – our fully-featured online meeting platform is powerful and flexible to meet the needs of any business.


Increase your conversion: upload documents and have them signed within seconds

Don’t wait for a customers to send back signed contracts to you anymore! Simply upload your product offer or contract and have it signed by your client immediately and digitally during the online meeting. If needed, your participant can even upload documents, such as his ID. Afterwards, autogenerate a report of the online meeting and send all relevant documents to your customer.


Idiligo has many standardized scripts available.

Save time and have your documents & contracts signed online! Simply upload a document, present it, have it signed online and you're done.
Present documents or photos during your online meeting and take notes for each agenda point. At the end, send an auto-created meeting summary as a PDF to all participants.
Pitch and discuss your presentation online, share your screen and complete a questionnaire in order to identify your participant's needs.

Increase conversion and take your business to the next level

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