Idiligo facilitates HR processes and saves valuable time

Whether you’re performing job interviews, exchanging application documents, or signing the employment contract: Idiligo streamlines your HR activities and makes them consistent.

Use a predefined script storyline to walk your candidate through the job interview process.

Provide a consistent and objective application process.

Idiligo leads you and the applicant through a predefined onboarding script. This ensures a professional and always consistent candidate intake procedure. Faults due to subjective evaluations or differing application procedures can thus be easily minimized.


Share information, gather data or discuss CV’s and other documents – all in one meeting

During the online meeting, present documents to your applicant or complete a questionnaire. Your applicant can also easily upload documents, such as his CV or job references. To finalize the meeting, you complete the employment contract together and get it signed online and legally binding within seconds. At the end, Idiligo automatically creates a report with all relevant information for your records.


Idiligo has many HR standardized scripts available.

Save time and have your documents & contracts signed online! Simply upload a document, present it, have it signed online and you're done.
Interview the candidate and take notes. Go through the job description and the candidate's CV. At the end, you can even plan a follow up meeting.
Present documents or photos during your online meeting and take notes for each agenda point. At the end, send an auto-created meeting summary as a PDF to all participants.

Take your HR activities to the next level

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