Idiligo streamlines your insurance advice & saves valuable time

From the first inquiry through clarifying your client’s needs to finally signing the insurance contract online – Idiligo automatically leads you through the whole sales process!

Online insurance advice

Use this online meeting software to simply increase your contract closure rate while ensuring a legally secure consulting process. Become one of the first to advise and sell insurances to your clients, from wherever you are.

What our customers say:

  • 80% faster contract negotiations
  • Perfect visualization of complex contract documents
  • Legally secure digital signature
  • The documents are immediately available to both parties and can be processed further


“ By introducing Idiligo in our B2B outbound and inbound sales teams, we have gained significant benefits for our business. ”
KiKxxl GmbH

Define, what the consulting & sales process will look like

First, put the different steps of your insurance advice into a structured order and predefine the whole process of the online meeting. Like this, the consultant can fully concentrate on the client contact, since Idiligo automatically leads him through the steps of the online meeting. This ensures, that nothing is forgotten. Plus, the consultancy process will comply with all legal requirements.


Gather customer data, share your screen & present documents

Complete forms of your client’s personal details and select the matching insurance product. Upload and present product presentations and contracts or share your screen to use a live tariff calculator. If needed, your client can also upload documents, such as his ID or salary statement.

Increase your contract closure rate & get contracts signed online immediately

After having discussed the insurance details and contract, you can close the deal straight away. Simply upload the completed contract. Your client can then sign it online and legally secure, using his smartphone or tablet. At the end of the online meeting, email the signed contract to your client and download a PDF report of the entire meeting for your records.


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Save time and have your documents & contracts signed online! Simply upload a document, present it, have it signed online and you're done.
Easily streamline your sales and consulting meetings online. Share your screen, present documents and get your documents signed online.
Stay flexible. Share your screen or upload documents you wish to present to your participant.

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