Close deals via online meeting while complying with legal requirements

Successfully advise & conclude legally binding contracts via online meeting. Save unnecessary travel time and delegate steps of the advice process to inside sales.

Online insurance advice

Use this online meeting software to complement your personal field sales activities. Simply ‘meet’ the customer online to discuss their insurance topics. Conclude contracts or obtain missing signatures using the digital signature.

What our customers say:

  • 80% faster contract negotiations
  • Perfect visualization of complex contract documents
  • Legally secure digital signature
  • The documents are immediately available to both parties and can be processed further


“ We are saving 2 hours on each customer lead simply by using Idiligo.”

Predefine the advice & sales process

Put the different steps of your insurance advice into a structured order and predefine the whole process of the online meeting. Like this, Idiligo automatically leads the advisor through each step of the online meeting. This ensures, that nothing is forgotten and that the advisory process complies with all legal requirements.


Gather customer data, share your screen & present documents

During the online meeting, the customer and advisor look at the same content on their respective screens – no matter where they are. Like this, the customer and advisor can find the matching insurance product and complete forms or contracts together. The advisor can even share his screen to use a live tariff calculator. If needed, the customer can upload documents, such as his ID or salary statement.

Increased & immediate contract closures

Whether a missing signature has to be obtained or a new contract signed. With Idiligo, the customer signs documents online and legally secure within seconds, using his smartphone or tablet. This saves unnecessary travel time, follow-up calls or postal contract mailings. At the end of the online meeting, the signed contract can be emailed to the customer and downloaded for your records.


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The magazine ‘IT-Banker’ has reported on Idiligo as an online consulting & sales solution for the finance industry!


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