About Idiligo scripts

Idiligo is a software solution for structured online meetings. Scripts bring Idiligo to life. Scripts consist of meeting features that are simply put into a structured order. This helps you to just follow a script while talking to someone online. Worrying about explaining the product or service incorrectly or forgetting a step in the sales process is a problem of the past. It doesn’t matter if you are doing a sales talk or giving financial advice, the correct, structured and consistent message is always delivered.

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Public scripts

We offer a large variety of public scripts for different industries to make things easy. They give your online meetings structure and consistency, are ready to use and work with the Idiligo Free account.

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Create your own scripts

Do you want to create a script that is tailored to your individual business’ needs and products? Just decide on the required meeting features, put them in the right order and structure and you will start being more successful.

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Network scripts

Network scripts provide free predefined and ready-to-use scripts to a dedicated group of people. Example: A vendor provides a sales script to all resellers for the latest campaign of a new product. Now the vendor controls the content of the online sales meeting between the reseller and its customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I or my participants need to download software in order to use Idiligo?

    No, neither you nor your participants need to download software. Idiligo is a browser-based software solution. You only need a stable internet connection.

    Can I design the Idiligo interface according to my businesses Corporate Design?

    Yes, depending on your Idiligo plan you can adjust and customize the Idiligo interface to different extents.

    How do I create my own script?

    Creating your own script is quite easy. Simply decide, which meeting features you need and put them in a structured order. Either learn how to programm your script by following the instructions from the support desk, or just contact us – we are happy to help!

    Do public scripts cost anything?

    Yes and no. For some public scripts you will be charged, but we also offer quite a large number of public scripts for free so you can use Idiligo without any obligations or costs.