Recruitment of the future

04 September 2019

How innovative technology structures & optimizes recruitment activities

As digitalization is progressing in all areas, including the world of work, we are experiencing massive changes in communication. These changes also affect the way recruiters and job candidates communicate with each other. Not only is this reason enough to rethink the way recruiting activities are performed. It is also a perfect chance to take a close look at what the recruitment process looks like. Or whether there even IS such a thing as a process. Do candidates run through a predefined intake process? Are they being assessed by objective parameters? Or are candidates mainly being interviewed and hired according to the recruiter’s instinct and gut feeling?

Structured candidate interviews are more successful than unstructured interviews

Structured interviews do not only streamline recruiting processes and save valuable time. They can also increase the quality of the interviews and help finding better staff. According to a research, structured interviews can predict employee’s performance by 26% while unstructured interviews can explain only 14% of an employee’s performance. With regards to long term costs that a misplacement entails, it is highly important to find the best fit possible. Especially when a recruiter is being payed for each successful placement.

Meeting candidates online saves valuable time and costs

The preparation of candidate interviews can be time consuming. For the recruiter, as well as for the candidate. Candidates must drive all the way to the recruiter and the recruiter will have to get a meeting room prepared etc. So why not just meet online!? Sure, the personal touch and professionalism are important. A connection based on trust has to be established. But video and voice communication tools can easily solve this. However, it is important to stick to a clear and goal-driven meeting process when communicating online. This ensures objective candidate intake and efficient interviews. Performing Online Meetings should not mean having a spontaneous chit chat, as one would do when talking to a friend via video chat.

Combining online communication with structure

So, what recruiters need is a tool that combines both: The common video and voice function with the ability to structure, document and assess online candidate intake or recruitment interviews. Optimally, the whole Online Meeting with the candidate is being predefined: Which information will be presented to the candidate? Which questions will be asked? Will there be open questions or not? At which point will the candidate upload his CV or will a recruiting contract be signed digitally?

Predefining interviews increases objectivity and successful placements

Predefining the process before the Online Meeting has even started, ensures a professional preparation beforehand and an objective assessment afterwards. For easier assessment and comparison, a report of the whole meeting can be downloaded. As soon as the process and questions have been set once, it can be reused again and again. This saves lots of valuable time and makes the Online Meetings goal-oriented. Plus, using the same process for each candidate helps creating a baseline on which the candidates can be measured and compared. Each candidate is being treated the same and recruiters can’t fall back into old patterns of spontaneous and biased candidate selection.
Recruitment will always be human, but it will increasingly be supported by technology and tools that benefit recruiters and job candidates alike.

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